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Prices and languages

Written translation

  1. The quote concerns the texts on common topics. The price of the texts of specific fields (technical, economical, medical, documentation) is 20% higher.

  2. The price for computer typesetting and discerning of the original text, exercising the order in PDF format, editing and formatting is added to the primary cost. These actions are essential while working out an order and should of course be paid extra.

  3. The abovementioned prices include: typesetting, printing, electronic copy.

  4. The unit of text volume measurement is a standard page ? 1800 characters! We calculate the size of the text in the source language but for hieroglyphic languages (Japanese, Chinese), because one hieroglyph often stands for a whole word in Russian/Ukrainian. Say, the word ?university? has 11 characters in Ukrainian and 2 in Japanese. In such cases it is necessary to compensate the difference in the number of pages.

  5. The minimum size of order is 1 page.

  6. Translators perform 5-7 pages a day on average. All translations completed within one day shall be charged for at Urgent Rate of 100% extra.

(for 1800 printed characters, grn)
From foreign into Russian/UkrainianFrom Russian/Ukrainian into foreign Standard document
English70 8060
Arabic120 150100
Spanish80 9070
Italian80 9070
Chinese130 150100
German80 9070
Modern Greek110 13080
Persian (Farsi)130 150100
Turkish120 150100
French80 9070
Swedish100 15090
Japanese130 150100
DiscountsEvery 20-th page will be free

* Abovementioned prices exclude VAT.
* Other languages ? on the nod.


The ?UnikA? translation agency offers services of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.
The processing of an order consists of several basic stages:
? the client provides information and materials about the future event for the interpreter to get ready for the interview and for the interpretation itself (the information includes company profile, major terms, any textual materials, that provide the most detailed directions concerning the sphere of future work, etc.)
? creation of a glossary based on the info provided by the client
? discussion of interpretation details with the manager and the interpreter.

The prices for interpretation services are established individually on the nod.

Translation of websites

The ?UnikA? translation agency offers professional translation services for websites and portals (Internet-resources).
We offer such services as:
- web-site translation;
- creation of multilingual websites;
- reconstruction of site map, navigation and tips system;
- web-site development in Ukrainian/ foreign web-space (promotion, advancement for certain Internet audience, increase of visiting);
- web-oriented programming.

Web specialists as well as translators take part in the localization process. As a result, the client gets fully saved foreign language initial version.

The prices for web resources translation services are established individually on the nod.

Notarization, legalization, apostille

Types of services Time of performance Cost
Notarization of a legal document?s translation into a foreign language 3 days 45 UAH
Notarization of a document?s copy 3 days 45 UAH
Apostille on a document for a physical person
The Ministry of Education and Science 30 working days and more 150 UAH
The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 5-7 working days 150 UAH
Double Apostille
- for a physical person 5-10 working days 200 UAH
- for a legal entity 5-10 working days 200 UAH
Consular legalization ?before the embassy?
for a physical person, by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 5 working days 130 UAH
For a legal entity, by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 5 working days 200 UAH

  • Apostille cannot be obtained for originals, copies, photo copies of: passport documents, military cards, work record cards, licenses for weapons, certificates on registration of vehicles, identification cards, normative legal acts, regulations, correspondence, documents issued by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine; administrative documents, which concern commercial or customs transactions.
  • Every country?s registration and legalization procedure has its peculiarities. It also depends on the type of document. So, please appeal to consulate to specify this information.

Back Contacts: tel./fax: 237-37-96 tel: +38 (067) 231-22-55 e-mail: enunika.in.ua